Electronic Security Systems

At Griffin Link, we not only handle digital security, but we also provide for your physical security needs.

Griffin Link will evaluate your needs to configure the best environmental monitoring solution for you, through using your existing infrastructure or through integrating new equipment from our carefully selected industry-leading partners.  

Our electronic security services give you peace of mind through remote access and real-time processing features that include:

  • physical access control systems;
  • thermal scanning and surveillance;
  • license plate and facial recognition;
  • zone alarms and activity warnings; and
  • people counters and queue detectors.

With our custom approach, you can put analytics to use by pulling data from multiple media sources onto one interface, which allows you to make the right resource decisions for your budget. 

We perform the set-up with superior workmanship as part of your solution. Griffin Link will maintain your equipment, regularly test your system, train your staff on protocols, and can also handle your connectivity requirements.  

Your focus should be your business performance, not your threats.

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