Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Griffin Link works as part of your team to discover which POS system will suit your business potential, including your existing staff and customer base, while remaining flexible to accommodate your growth. A comprehensive POS solution reduces the daily workload while integrating your hardware, applications and payment systems that are most important to your business.

The goal for all of our customized POS systems: to decrease your time spent on redundant tasks so that you can focus on your business growth.

Consider these features that can streamline your retail workday:

  • Tailor your POS system to your particular business setting;
  • Integrate your current e-commerce;
  • Upgrade to a custom-built restaurant-specific solution with advanced features;
  • Create your records automatically with easy access at one point; and
  • Rely on us for free 24/7 support for your system

When all of your data is consolidated into one 24/7 monitored system, you can better leverage insights into buying trends, inventory levels, employee management and specific histories with customers. These features can maximize your competitive place in the market.

Griffin Link offers not only 24/7 support for your platform, including recovery of your data and cybersecurity systems, but also training for you and your staff to integrate your new POS solution seamlessly into your regular workday.

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