Backup Storage and Disaster Recovery

Loss of data, such as customers' payment information or patients' confidential health information, can have an embarrassing impact your reputation as a professional and as a business. Your clients and staff trust you to have a functional emergency plan already in place for exactly this worst case scenario.

Your data is your number-one asset. Where is your business performance without access to your customers, patients, finances, trade secrets and your entire network?

At Griffin Link, we know that disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is an essential business tool, especially paired with our cybersecurity features. Our scalable, integrated solutions allow you to find the right combination of services to assure your customers or patients that their data is safe.

  • DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • BaaS - Backup as a Service
  • Traditional onsite backup solutions

Downtime should not be on your agenda. No business can risk revenue loss because of a breach or loss of data.

If disaster strikes, Griffin Link can have your daily operations up and running with your data restored in minutes.

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