E-Document Management Systems

Our customized electronic document management system (DMS) gives you competitive business advantages through "going paperless."

Improved bottom line with less overhead: 

Your productivity improves through a more efficient document retrieval and archival system rather than relying on antiquated hard copies. Find exactly what you're looking for in seconds, from any device, with less wait time to reduce your staff's costs.

Easy retrieval and enhanced compliance: 

Your processing system can digitize and maintain your legal documents for easy, quick access. Our solution for digital legal document management compiles an immediate, complete audit trail for regulatory compliance.

Reduced carbon footprint with fewer costs: 

This ecologically-friendly approach reduces the paper flow in your office so that you incur fewer costs, including paper, printing and physical storage. With less physical storage dependency, you no longer run the risk of file loss from flooding, fire and other natural disasters.

Efficient, hassle-free transition to electronic document usage:

Digitizing files into a green document management solution does not have to be overwhelming. Griffin Link partners with you through the transition to a "paperless office." 

Griffin Link will train your staff to leverage the benefits of your document management solution and help to normalize the learning curve.

We also provide resources to help with digitizing your current files and document imaging, such as short-term or long-term staffing.

Scaled solutions built for your specific needs:

Griffin Link invests time to learn how your staff searches for documents so that we can create the best solution; for example, should your employees be trained to search via metadata, or would they perform better with a folder-based system? We design your document management system so that your company thrives.

Griffin Link's customized approach provides a solution with scalability and flexibility suited for your unique goals. We tailor your e-document solution to your industry's requirements and to the needs of your company or nonprofit.

Consider these examples of what our partnership can accomplish: 

  • Creating a hassle-free, seamless experience for your clients' digital signature and contract management;
  • Implementing solutions to create all your forms and to provide document storage for fast retrieval;
  • Automating more of your workflow to reduce personnel costs and to improve staff's productivity; 
  • Integrating the cloud and application needs that your business already uses; and
  • Improving contract management and project management through a customized search engine unique to your business needs.

Griffin Link not only offers 24/7 monitoring of your network and additional cybersecurity protection, but also regularly audits your record management system, including secure mobile access, to test for security concerns and new cyberthreats. Plus, if disaster strikes, Griffin Link can recover all your data in under an hour.

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