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Griffin Link Technologies was created by a group of senior IT professionals who were beyond frustrated every time they were sent to deploy a solution that was selected purely based on sales revenue. They knew that these revenue-driven solutions only barely took the client's actual needs into account. Even worse, they knew of better solutions (very often less expensive) that met the client's business requirements better. In 2016, they said, "Enough is enough," and founded Griffin Link Technologies, a company with the mission of creating the best customized operating environments to optimize our clients' workflow.

Griffin Link's founders and engineers combine years of IT experience, certifications, and multidisciplinary academic credentials to unify the best problem-solving approaches with the best technological know-how.  

We insist that all of our team members continue to learn about new developments in technology not only because our clients benefit from their knowledge, but because we, as a company, value continuing professional development in our staff.  We commit ourselves to remaining on the cutting edge of technology: our clients deserve ongoing innovation for better ways to leverage the marketplace, to improve transactions, and to enhance their own customer engagement.

Griffin Link's "company culture" prioritizes a client-centered view of all issues, from discovery through maintenance and audits. From engineers to client representatives, we want to inspire our clients to take advantage of all our digital platform possibilities.

Technology evolves everyday, just like your business does. Our team regularly surveys the market for the best new products and services that will enhance your ongoing business stability and growth. Griffin Link chooses these leaders as our partners for two simple reasons. First, they will work with us in providing only the best quality to Griffin Link clients. Second, our partners share our values and our mission. Our partners, like us, want to find best integrated business solution to streamline your work process.


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