Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is more than simply installing a firewall program and hoping that it safeguards your cloud computing. Protecting your business requires a custom solution.

Discover your assets and vulnerabilities with our step-by-step process:

At Griffin Link, we approach network cyber security and all your internet security needs step by step with our "cybersecurity roadmap":

First, we learn your business habits and workflow.

Second, we identify your assets.

Third, we perform a vulnerability assessment against cybercrime that includes your cloud security, application security, web hosting, user protocols and more.

Finally, we create a custom plan for optimal cyber security and the resilience of your IT system, including data recovery, to mitigate consequences in case of a breach.

Stay ahead of cyberthreats with Griffin Link:

Your assets deserve the best protection, including your financial paperwork, customer data or patients' protected health information (PHI), and intellectual property, such as trade secrets or designs.

We anticipate problems before they start. Griffin Link stays ahead of developments in cyberthreats, such as new malware, skimming, DDoS, botnets, and cryptojacking, to name a few. Some of our services include: 

  • Edge security;
  • Cloud network security;
  • Phishing and social engineering awareness testing and staff training;
  • Malware, virus and cryptolocker protection for endpoints; and
  • Breach remediation.

Griffin Link's integrated custom solutions tie your cyber security plan to our 24/7 remote monitoring program for threat detection and remediation. This custom approach can include becoming your managed services provider.

We offer a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your needs rather than an assortment of firewalls, anti-virus programs, etc. We not only find the best products and services from our partners, but we discover which is best for you, given your specific working environment.

We offer training to educate your staff about cyber risks, such as phishing attacks and scams, and to institute better user protocols for network security.

Griffin Link offers drafting services so that your written cybersecurity policy will correspond thoroughly to our engineers' solution for you.

Cyberthreats constantly change. Let us worry about protecting your IT security while you grow your business.

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